Liquidity Hub for MT4 / MT5 Brokers

With our cutting-edge technology solutions and IT infrastructure, Liquidity Hub empowers MT4 / MT5 brokers to effectively manage liquidity and order execution on the go

Your Bourse Liquidity Hub is a platform designed for MT4 and MT5 retail and institutional brokers who strive to provide the best trading experience for their clients and optimise their operational costs. Liquidity Hub empowers brokers to deliver tight spreads into their MT4 / MT5 servers and execute client orders at the best available prices from 26+ liquidity providers.

Liquidity Aggregation

  • Aggregation and price construction
  • Cross-connects to 26+ liquidity providers
  • Hosting in LD4, NY4, TY3 and other Equinix data centres
  • Multiple liquidity pools per symbol
  • Smart order routing​
  • Advanced spike filters and mark-up profiles

Matching Engine

  • Low latency matching engine written in C++ and run on Linux
  • Limit, market, stop loss, stop limit and OCO order types
  • FOK, IOC, GTC, GTD and Good for Milliseconds expiry types
  • Advanced A/B-book routing
  • Lightning-fast execution speed for all orders (1.5 µs)
  • Hosting in LD4, NY4, TY3 and other Equinix data centres

MT4 Bridge / MT5 Gateway

  • High performing, light-weighted and stable solution
  • Configurable order routing
  • Advanced A/B Book assignment rules
  • Complex mark-up profiles
  • All changes are applied in real-time

Risk Management and Reporting

  • Management Information reports
  • Monitor your exposure and P/L in real-time
  • Real-time monitoring of rejection rates and execution times
  • Make informed day-to-day business decisions
  • Access to raw data and reports via APIs
  • Create your own reports in Google Data Studio