Registering a Server

Before proceeding with registering a server for the dividends, one needs to add the IP address to the exclusions from the antiflood for MT4 / MT5 Servers. Otherwise, MetaTrader servers may block the YourBourse dividend adjustments services. Please contact L2 Support regarding the exact IP address.

Moreover, selecting two checkboxes, “Configure symbols“ and “Edit charts“, is necessary for the Permission tab of the Manager settings. To find the Manager settings, the “Clients and accounts” section in the MetaTrader 5 needs to be opened. Then choose “Manager“, find the manager account that is used to log in to the MT5 Server and left-click twice. Choose the “Permission“ tab on the newly opened page and select the checkboxes.

To adjust the dividends, MT4/MT5 servers need to be registered.

To register the Server, please click the Upload Dividends hyperlink in the Corporate actions section.

The message "No records to show "appears on the screen, meaning there are no servers for the dividends.

A new server can be registered by clicking the Register server button either in the screen's middle or the page's upper right corner.

Upload Dividends page

After clicking on one or another button, the page Create manager API configuration will be opened.

Creating a Manager API configuration page

There's a need to fill all the fields with the relevant information on the page. Give the Server a name, choose Server Type (MT4 or MT5), and put the IP and Port of the Server, as well as Login and Password.

There's an option to test the connection to the Server. To do so, click the blue button Check connection in the upper right corner of the page. If the connection exists and the Server works correctly, the green pop-up message Connection successfully checked appears on the screen.

The green message indicates that the connection is configured correctly

Otherwise, if the connection is somehow problematic, the red pop-up message Unable to establish a connection. Connection timed out after 5 seconds will appear on the screen. In this case, please check the credentials.

The red message warns that something is bad with the connection

When the Server is successfully created, it will be present on the page Upload Dividends