Trade Blotter

Trade Blotter is a component of the YourBourse Cloud portal where all the trades made on MT4/MT5 and FIX servers can be seen for clients.

The trades in the Trade Blotter are rendered as rows in the main table. The parameters for the trades are the columns. Columns for every row can be flexibly customized.

The Trade Blotter has a very detailed description for every trade, including Maker Spread, Client Slippage, A-book quantity and many other parameters (see The Main Table of the Trade Blotter).

The Trade Blotter can be used in different ways. First, all the trades for a particular period might be found there (“Historical mode“). Second, it can be used as a monitor for the current trades (“Streaming mode”). Finally, there is an option to make recurrent reports for all the trades in the Trade Blotter that will be sent with a certain customized frequency via email or sftp.